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Free download adventure high updated. Adventure High Updated Our goal is for Newgrounds to be ad free for everyone! Become a Supporter today and help make this dream a reality!/10(K). Because the earliest available information about version updates was versionit will start from that one.

This is mostly for fun and is the only page that's updated with new information about the game the 13th every month (or whenever the new information is available to the public - usually the 13th or at latest the 14th unless something happened).

All of the information is copied and. This is a wiki regarding the game Adventure High by Doug Byrd a.k.a Changer.

It is very much NSFW (Not Safe For Work). The current version is The version is based of the public update meaning it's updated whenever the new public release is out. Adventure High updates. read article. 6 Changer @Changer 4 years. Adventure High Released. read article. 7 Changer @Changer 4 years. Adventure high Released.

read article. 5 Load More. views. k. likes. View All. Comments () What do /5(). Adventure High Updated by HypnoChanger. Use your power of Control Magic to become a Hero or Villain! GameViews (Adults Only) The Great North Pole Escape by HypnoChanger. Escape the North Pole with your will intact if you can, in this old school text adventure!

Game 10, Views (Ages 17+) /10(). Subject: Possible suggestions and ideas for Adventure High. Regarding taking down Mr. Drape in the TP and FC plotlines: Challenging him into a duel with you in the first floor of the dungeon while neglecting to mention that all of your slaves will be ready at a moment's notice for you to give the command to take him out.

Addressed from: Jay. Delete. (Not to be confused with Mind Dungeons) 1 School Dungeon 2 Floors Floor 1 Floor 2 Floor 3 Floor 4 Floor 5 3 Floors Floor 6 Floor 7 Floor 8 Floor 9 Floor 10 4 Floors Floor 11 Floor 12 Floor 13 Floor 14 Floor 15 5 Floors. Julia the Intelligent Mage [edit | edit source]. Julia is a playable character in Adventure High and a school student who normally hangs out in the library.

She's unique in the aspect she refuses to go to the dungeon, no matter what happens only time she will - willingly - go down there is in order to find the Berserker - or when the Berserker has gotten her mind fixed. Spiral Clicker Updated. Share Author Comments Adventure High Clean by HypnoChanger.

Use your power of Control magic to become a hero or villain! Game 47, Views (Ages 13+) Succuquest Concept Demo by HypnoChanger. Fawn is on a. Reviews for "Adventure High Updated" 1 The first point of this is that the graphics, even when updated, are rather large eyesores and, even though I haven't yet gotten to the possibly pornographic content, I can imagine that it's not at all a turn on.

The MALE main character looks nothing like a male and it's hard to see them as such (every. I found a working version of at Instead of being called that it is referred to as Adventure High Updated.

However the number on the top rite of the title screen reveals that it is the correct one. Delete. Replies. Reply. Anonymous December 5, at PM. Adventure High takes place in a school that teaches Adult Students how to master their unique gifts for magic to survive in the wilderness beyond the city.

The main character's gift, however, is that of Control, leading to the constant temptation for him. There's several routes - and as such several ways to play - in Adventure High.

Note that this is just a general outline for each route. Refer to each route's specific page (to be added) for more in-depth information. Note that the routes will not explain how to complete a route - the pages are retellings of what happens during the route, giving you a rough idea. It is not the same as a.

the story is awesome but the game play is super glitched with every monster from the 7th floor down fading away as if it were fleeing but you stay in combat, and dialog in the store is glitched on certain items and the monster tamers are equally glitchy with distorted dialog and in my first conversation with them instead of twins, erin was a bear with a glowing hand and eric was a mind. A list of characters in Adventure High, for quick access (either in case you forgot what someone is called or is simply too lazy to write out the name).

Should a Non-Playable Character become Playable in the future, they will be moved to the correct section. Ashley Cassandra Derrick Julia Kate. Adventure HIgh is now out HypnoChanger — October 20th, So, Hurricane Harvey took his best stab at stopping me from working on the game last month. The update was smaller as a result but this month I believe has a decent sized update. Adventure High is finished, and out for $ patrons. If you want to play right away, you can check my patreon out on the sidebar to the right.

Here's what's new in this update: Can cast Flirt on Molly to ask her out. - First date with Molly added. - New music added for town areas. - New music added to battles. - New music for Dungeon. * High resolution versions of my artwork. * Early access to my writing. * Suggest options to be voted on for CYOAs. * Live game updates. * The Patron Slot for art requests. Pledges at this rank and higher will also receive bonus art from Adventure high with no cropping, and at full resolution with the release of each new update.

Adventure. Play in browser. Adventure High. Use your power of Control Magic to become a Hero Or Villain! HypnoChanger. Visual Novel. Community profile.

I finished version of Adventure High, and have both the normal and clean versions updated. This update is a fair bit larger than usual; hoping I can keep that momentum going. Here's what's new in this version: 1 new Caveman Doodles drawing added to Mass Bimbofication Ending - Updated drawings by Marc Ledesma added to Val's Library Scene. Adventure High Share Author Comments Spiral Clicker Updated by HypnoChanger. Click to spin the spiral and build your harem! GameViews (Adults Only) Succuquest Concept Demo by HypnoChanger.

Fawn is on a. Adventure High is now up. Here's what's new in this version: 2 updated drawings added to Mass Bimbo ending. - Intro screen updated. - Menu redesigned. - HP now persistent between battle. - Can now cast magic from menu, only Boost for now. - 1 scene added for Erin, with splash image. - Erin now enslavable. - Erin Avatar updated. Adventure High is finished and available for $ patrons.

Here's what's new in this version of the game: 3 scenes added to Julia's Arsenal Plotline. - 1 spell added for Julia. - Julia can learn to randomly chase monsters away with insults.

- Cassandra now causes strange effects when using liquid life potions. Also, much of the art is in the process of being updated. So, some new art and old art are currently side by side. ** Second note: This is a "Clean" version of Adventure high with some changes to reduce the amount of mature content that I have been told some people may be uncomfortable with.

Adventure High takes place at a school for would-be adventurers, with the sole mission of training it's students to utilize their unique magical gifts to reclaim lost artifacts and technology from the old world and help make the town a better place to live.

- Updated Images added to make-out scene with Sarah after the first date. Walkthrough for Adventure High v The game can be fairly non-linear at points, and some events are entirely independent of others, so it is fairly difficult to really make a walkthrough to cover everything. I updated the walkthrough earlier today which will tell you how to do Val and Ms.

Rack's newest scenes. Ashley's library scene. I've got the new version of Adventure High uploaded. As with last month, I'm uploading the mature version first and will be updating the clean version when I'm sure there are no bugs to be found.

So, here's what's new in this version: 1 image added to Ms. Rack's Enslavement Sequence. - Library scene added for Ashley if you take the punishment route in her plotline. Adventure High +18 S1 [Slow Updates and Editing Chapters] Fanfiction. While facing their problems, for example, Physical, Emotional and bullies. By meeting each other (even though some paw patrol members already have known each other) and become friends with each other one by one.

Will they overcome their fears, stru. Adventure High update Posted by HypnoChanger - September 20th, I've just finished uploading the new update to Adventure High, which can be found on my profile. For right now, only the rated A version is updated, and the clean version will probably be updated in about a week or so to give some time for any bugs to be found and fixed.

Adventure High updates. I finished version a couple days ago. Been suffering from some severe internet issues so this devlog is a bit late. xD Here’s what’s new in this version: Milking scenes for Cow form Cassandra, and Willing Slave Cassandra in cow form added, with art. Chilkoot High Adventure Base is the ultimate scouting experience. These wilderness adventures are filled with exciting challenges and learning experiences.

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Feel the rush of adrenaline as you fall at a speed as high as kilometers per hour. Adventure High is out now, here’s what’s new in this update of the game: Sex scene with Mindless Cassandra added, with art by Caveman Doodles. Sex Scene with Normal Cassandra added, with art by Caveman Doodles.

Added 1 scene with Val on Redemption plot. Added release scene for Molly. Outdoor Adventures The Outdoor Adventures Team is here to help you unlock Scouting’s adventure. From the mountains to the ocean, High Adventure to international adventure and everything in between, nobody does it better.

Meet the Outdoor Adventures Team! The Outdoor Adventures Team serves as gateway to connect Scout and Leaders with the adventure of Scouting. [ ]. Adventure Update Warning! A configuraton reset may be required.

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Please refer to each High Adventure Bases’ website, listed below for updates on a bi-monthly basis. I have the version of Adventure High finished. It's a bit larger than last month's update, with several new spells and scenes added. Here's a list of what's new in this version: 1 image added to Ms. Rack's Enslavement Sequence. - Updated Avatar for Molly added - Updated avatar for Cassandra added. COVID update: High Gravity Adventures Zip Line & Aerial Park has updated their hours and services.

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